Yacht management

Yachting is a passion. It is a pleasure to share that passion with the discerning owners and the capable crew who take pride in being part of our team.

Our aim

Our Yacht Management aims to provide a comprehensive range of services in-house to maximise the Owner’s enjoyment of their yacht, minimise the risks and liabilities associated with yacht ownership, control the costs of yacht operations and protect the significant capital investment that a yacht represents

Our aim is to provide superior Yacht Management to our clients through continuous development of our services.

Yacht Management in its finer form is a unique blend of practical seagoing experience, financial acumen and sound commercial management. Using this combination we ensure the success of our clients.

Our personnel

Our personnel have demonstrated their value through performance and loyalty; two qualities which are highly appreciated and carefully nurtured. Professionalism and commitment with top quality service emphasizes the commitment of our staff both at sea and ashore.

From the beginning, we recognized that quality of service to our clients and to our employees was the way to success.